Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Your Votes Are Not Being Counted (Continued)

The fight is on in several states to decertify Diebold and other voting machine makers who are trying to usurp our democracy - or it least make it a one-party country.

But a major obstacle is that Democrats are always fighting the last war. Yes, vigilance is required in Ohio and Florida again, but a whole host of other states can't be ignored.

Especially California.

If you were to look into the brains of the Neocons (Rove etc), you would see that California will be the next obvious battleground. Because if you steal California, you could lose a bunch of other states and still win.

I hope you vets in California are watching those who would steal your state and the country - again. Don't let 'em do it - get involved.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

And the pundits ask: Why are all these conflicts breaking out now...

Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, N. Korea etc. etc. - why are all these happening, and why now? Could it be that those who would enslave and ruthlessly attack and threaten within their own countries, and outside them, now believe there is no one who will stop them or that our military is beginning to have internal problems? And why would they believe such ideas?

As the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and the Cold War standoff dissolved, there were those who wisely observed that the 'new world order' could potentially become more dangerous and difficult to control. Why? Because now there would not be just the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., but a variety of potential sources of conflict and mayhem.

As with 'hot' wars in the past, the Cold War military drawdown was significant and occurred relatively quickly, but this time many believed that fewer troops would be more than offset by our continuing technology edge over the rest of the world. But that more than implied we would have to be very smart about how and when we applied force in the future. Additionally, we would need very smart and capable people making decisions at the top.

As the election draws close (did you notice that it's just over a 100 days away?), all of us, and especially veterans who have served and fought for this country, need to ask whether that level of capability, wisdom, morality, and leadership exists - or whether we need a change now. In my opinion, the answer should be obvious.

Most will point rightly to Iraq as the focus of misplaced and even disastrous priorities, but the fact that all these other conflicts are now breaking out means that we have not only lost much respect and trust in the world. It means that some of these bad actors don't really believe we will be willing to stop all of them.

Whether or not that perception is true, we need new leadership that will restore our Constitutional values, our moral authority and trustworthiness as a superpower, the right use of our valuable military personnel and resources, the care of our veterans, and the ability and means to defend ourselves and stop the evil intentions of those who would harm us.

That's why we need to begin to change things in a little over 100 days.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"It's not really a reversal of policy..."

Congratulations Tony Snow - you have now received your master's degree in B.S.

Now read the whole story.

One small problem: The Attorney General of the U.S. doesn't agree. How are they going to spin that one?

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Osama Who?

Guess the time counter on the right of this blog is going to go on for awhile...

Thanks to Buzzflash

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

...to all, and especially to our vets and active troops. Thank you!!!

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Thumping the Chest Does Not A Patriot Make...

...But the progressive and the reformer have a problem with what passes for unadulterated patriotism. By nature, the reformer is bound to insist that the country, however glorious, is not a perfect place, that it is capable of doing wrong as well as right. The nation that declared "all men are created equal" was, at the time those words were written, the home of an extensive system of slavery.

Most reformers guard their patriotic credentials by moving quickly to the next logical step: that the true genius of America has always been its capacity for self-correction. I'd assert that this is a better argument for patriotism than any effort to pretend that the Almighty has marked us as the world's first flawless nation.
Do we make mistakes? Sure. Is this still the best country to live in? Yes, if we can keep it that way.Read the whole E.J. Dionne article for an excellent summary of what it really means to be a patriot.

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