Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Real Veterans Day

It's a simple decision when you think about it vets.

You know what leadership is, probably better than most who never put on a uniform.

You know that we don't have that leadership now and as a result: we are stuck in a quagmire in Iraq where we are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

Who put us there?

And you know that we are a nation based on the rule of law and democracy and that the military has been used in the past to maintain that vision - not always perfectly to be sure.

Yet now you know that this administration would strip away your rights as a citizen in the name of fear, abuse the moral framework of this country in the name of righteousness for their cause, and forget its veterans as soon as it's done with them.

Who put us there?

And now you know that this is a depraved and selfish leadership, more interested in tax breaks for themselves than healthcare, education, and housing for us.

Who put us there?

And now you know, if you didn't know it before, that they hope you are swayed by mindless phrases, vicious personal attacks, and repeated talking points, because they themselves lack the ability to think clearly about complex problems, much less know how to begin to solve them.

That's because the bottom line is they care only about themselves and staying in power.

You can begin to change that today. The process of voting out this cancer begins now. Nearly four dozen recent war vets are running as Democrats in Congress - only one is not. That should tell you something.

Get out today and vote, and watch out and report voter fraud at 888-VOTETIP or voting incidents at 866-OURVOTE. 95% of it will come from the Repugs...that should tell you something else about who to vote for.

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