Friday, February 27, 2004

The Next 50 Amendments to the Constitution Are Being Prepared...

While Mr. Bush manufactures issues to keep our attention off of his disastrous presidency, Greg Palast sees a great market for consultants (from Halliburton?) to help the president out by drafting a whole new set of amendments to the Constitution to protect us from all sorts of nefarious characters seeking illegal relationships. Mr. Palast has beaten them to the punch, however, and reports that civil disobedience has already set in. For example... Mr. John Stump filed for the State (of Massachusetts) to recognize his "special permanent relationship" to the Red Sox, a love that dare not speak its name too often.

Then there's Loretta Lomax, the former Mrs. Stump, who is asking the State to recognize her long-standing commitment to her career in financial services marketing. "It's a lifestyle choice," says Ms. Lomax, "and the State should not interfere with a relationship as fulfilling and loving as I have ever experienced. There is nothing 'unnatural' about it."

Clearly Mr. Bush will be so busy with his Constitutional amendment writing duties, that he probably won't have realized what happened when he wakes up in his rocking chair in Crawford, Texas, this time next year.

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