Thursday, March 25, 2004

"Fair & Balanced Reporting" - Fox News FLIP-FLOPs Themselves into Disgrace

Mid-way through Richard Clarke's testimony to the 9/11 Commission, Fox News breathlessly broke away, saying they had news that Clarke's testimony contradicted a statement he had made for the White House in Aug 2002 while still in charge of Counterterrorism. Wendell Goler reported this information provided just then from - guess who - the White House (remember Clarke's testimony was still going on!).

While Goler reported, the Fox on-screen banner flashed FLIP-FLOP FLIP-FLOP. Copies of the Fox report simultaneously appeared in the hands of conservative Commission members, one of whom held up Clarke's book and the Fox report and asked Clarke, "Which of these is true?" They were messing with the wrong guy - Clarke refused to bend, and blew the ploy away.

Commissioner (Sen.) Bob Kerrey asked why was Fox News attempting to subvert the Commission process? Good question. Any pretense of Fox News' supposed impartiality flew away, for good, in the wind like chaff. Fox spent the rest of the day pushing the White House report, ignoring the fact that they had been exposed for their shameless attempted manipulation of the Commission and the American public.

In the meantime, the White House was so busy pointing fingers that they also had the initiative taken away from their cut-throat tactics when Clarke apologized for the government's failure to prevent 9/11 - something George Bush should have done a long time ago.

The stupidity of Fox's attempt to help their man out in the White House - the Commander-in-Chief of Flip-Flops - was compounded by the fact that they forgot who their intended target was: Did they really think they would catch a former Chief of Counterterrorism off guard? It was a laughable and disgusting display by FOX who should issue an apology to the Commission and to the public. I am not holding my breath.

A copy of this is on its way to Fox News.

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