Friday, March 05, 2004

It's been 900 days since Mr. Bush said he'd catch Osama bin Laden

'Dead or Alive!'

Mr. Bush now knows, politically, he must at last do what he should have done 900 days ago: Focus elite forces on capturing the real killers, including Bin Laden (see blog for Wed Dec 31, 2003, "George Bush’s 2004 New Year’s Resolution #22") . We will all be glad when/if that's done, but Mr. Bush's true character is revealed again in the fact that it took the upcoming election to make him act and not the failure of his administration with regard to Iraq, and not the lives and wounds to our troops, and not the huge impact on our national economy. His political survival is at stake and he knows it. But his judgment is still lacking: it still won't make the difference in November.

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