Friday, March 26, 2004

UPDATE: "Fair & Balanced Reporting" - Fox News FLIP-FLOPs Themselves into Disgrace (see yesterday's blog)

Fox News brought out the Big Gun this morning - Bill O'Reilly - to refute the barrage of criticism coming in on their attempt to manipulate the Clarke testimony in front of the 9/11 Commission on Tuesday. Expect O'Reilly to carry the spear all day today. Will he comment on Fox's outrageous actions? Not a chance. Instead he will continue to attempt to discredit Clarke and accuse him of being a front man for John Kerry. O'Reilly tries to convince us that another of Clarke's motives is to sell his book. What ludicrous hypocrisy, coming from O'Reilly - the chief self-promoter of his books, his website (not free), his O'Reilly paraphernalia etc. etc. Bill - your famous question from your book which you shill every day is "Who's looking out for you?" Exactly. It isn't you or Fox News. That's crystal clear.

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