Thursday, April 08, 2004

Condi Testimony (In Progress)

UPDATE: Having been away all day teaching college business classes, I got in my car to hear the wrap up of the Rice testimony. Funny thing is that there must have been two sets of testimony given, and two Condi Rices. Virtually every media outlet was quoting her boss, Mr. Bush, saying what a great "performance" she gave.

Then there was Air America, who quite clearly was listening to a different Condi Rice. However long they last, I'm glad they are on the air (& the net).


As Ms. Rice testifies, it's now clear that two new, unique innovations in anti-terrorism have been put forth by the Bush administration:

1. The words "Yes" and "No" have been stricken from the English language.

2. Robots are now allowed to testify for their masters in front of Presidential Commissions.

Best quote so far (paraphrased from Ms. Rice): "We didn't meet a 100 times before we talked about Al Qaeda on Sept 04, 2001 - it was 33."

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