Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This Investigation Is Not Going Very Far - You Can Count On It:

The Justice Dept is investigating its leader for the violation of federal campaign finance laws:

The Justice Department's Public Integrity Section is reviewing allegations that Attorney General John D. Ashcroft may have violated federal campaign finance and disclosure laws based on information developed by the Federal Election Commission.

At issue is the valuable campaign fundraising list of then-Sen. Ashcroft (R-Mo.). He had claimed ownership of the fundraising list during an FEC inquiry, but had not reported it as an asset on his Senate or Justice Department financial disclosure statements.

Although the article is written in a serious tone, I had a serious case of the LOLs reading it:

1. Does anyone really believe this investigation will go anywhere?
2. How embarrassing is it to not only break federal finance campaign laws, but still lose to a dead man in a U.S. Senate race?
3. Is there still room at Guantanimo?

UPDATE: Oh by the way, this is the same law-breaking law enforcement officer who will soon be coming after YOU, dear blogger...

UPDATE#2:We're going to need a lot more room at Guantanimo than I thought. When is last time that you remember:
1. The President & the Vice President testifying before a Presidential Commission
2. The Vice-President being hauled before the Supreme Court
3. The Secretary of Defense being hauled in front of the Supreme Court
4. And the Attorney General being investigated for federal election law violations.
...all in the same week!!!

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