Thursday, April 01, 2004

Those Who Are ANGRY and Those Who HATE: Surprise, it’s the Republicans!

First, some good news. Air America, the first nation-wide liberal & progressive radio station, launched yesterday in several big cities, including here in Portland, Oregon, and here’s hoping they are very successful. Leading the charge is Al Franken, humorist, satirist, and general pain-in-the-neck to Mr. Bush and his horde of ANGRY followers, full of HATE (yes, Republicans – who would have believed it?) – the snapping turtles, going after Richard Clarke – including Franken’s favorite target, Bill O’Reilly.

Second, in terms of the Nov 2004 presidential election: The Real Difference between the Liberals and Conservatives is this: You dear readers, if you are of the liberal persuasion in some form, are being continually described by the conservative media and administration supporters as “Bush-Haters" – you will vote for "Anybody to beat George Bush.” Maybe many of you might not take issue with that description, but here’s the difference: Mr. Bush and his followers HATE YOU(!) because in their minds you are no better than the terrorists themselves if you don’t support Mr. Bush – you are either “with him or you are against him,” as Mr. Bush has said many times. Pretty easy choice in that case, isn’t it?

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