Thursday, April 29, 2004

Vets For Justice has some questions they hope the 9/11 Commission will ask the President and the Vice President today:

1. Did they die for weapons of mass destruction?

2. Or to "Free" the Iraq People?

3. Or to get rid of a very bad man?

4. Or was it for oil?

5. (Or) Did they die so a "Clique" of rich could make a killing off the Iraq War?

All vets have some special interest in the answers to these questions - and many more. We are proud of our returning lost comrades, Mr President and Mr. Vice President. But you hide their pictures and hope the public will not notice. You further hide your deeds behind testimonies with no oaths, testimonies with no transcripts. Your deeds and their results are being judged, however, by all veterans, today and in November.

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