Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Someone, Please Explain This To Me.

Last night, after the “speech”, General Zinni & Tom Clancy were interviewed on fair & balanced Hannity & Colmes (I know, why do I waste my time…). After unsuccessfully trying to trap General Zinni, Hannity turned to Clancy and said something like, “You are a noted Republican administration supporter. By writing this book (Battle Ready – being released today) with General Zinni, aren’t you turning your back on President Bush?” Clancy: “No, but there was no justification for this war.” Hannity: “Will you vote for Bush again?” Clancy: “ I like the man, but there was no justification for this war, and yes, I’ll probably vote for him again.”

Why? Will someone please explain this to me? Why would a very intelligent individual, who has more military knowledge than many military professionals, vote for someone who is responsible for getting us into a war that had no justification?

And more importantly for November, why would any veteran, who knows that there was no justification for this war, vote for Mr. Bush?

Somebody, please enlighten me.

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