Thursday, June 03, 2004

One Less George to Push Around...

Overheard outside the West Wing, last night, by our trusty reporter:

George B: Hey George, I don't have time to read your latest intelligence brief. Just give it to Dick.
George T: Well that's not exactly why I came over tonight...

B: Oh no, don't tell me there are some more pictures from Abba Grabby...
T: It's Abu Ghraib, and no, that's not why I'm here.

B: Oh, you probably heard I'm getting a lawyer in case that outted agent of yours, Valetta Flame tries to get me in court.
T: It's Valerie Plame, and no, that's not the reason either...

B: Well you look kind of grim. So, I don't suppose you found UBL or some WMDs by any chance, did you?
T: No. I... I'm leaving Mr. President.

B: Leaving for Iraq? Afghanistan? Israel? England?
T: No, I'm quitting my job. It's time for me to go.

B: Nobody quits George Bush. You're fired!
T: Whatever you say.

B: Wait a minute...what aren't you telling me? Is Al Qaeda up to something big? That's it, you are trying to leave me holding the bag again, aren't you?
T: No, Mr. President, all my intelligence sources are quiet. We don't see a thing going on...Good bye, Mr. President, I've called a news conference and that's where I'm headed now.

B: Well OK George, you were going to have to take the heat for me anyway when all the 9/11 commission reports come out long as your sources say all is good right now........ wait a minute, that's what you said before 9/11!! ...George? George? Dick? Dick?

(George T. exits the Oval Office with a slight smile on his face...)

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