Friday, July 23, 2004

Dick Cheney, Please Stay In the Race!

Reading the bio of Cheney for the last few years, you might think that you were looking at the resume of a third world dictator: war profiteering, massive conflicts of interest, reckless engagement in premptive warfare etc. etc. It just keeps getting better and better...

Yet another controversy has flared up around the Halliburton oil services company of which Vice-President Dick Cheney used to be chief executive - this time over whether during the 1995-2000 Cheney era it violated US law by doing business directly with Iran.

The US Treasury has been probing the affair, which centres on a Dubai-based subsidiary of Halliburton and its work at Iranian oilfields, ever since allegations first surfaced in 2001. But this week it emerged that the group is under investigation by federal prosecutors in its home town of Houston. A grand jury has also subpoenaed various documents covering its Iranian operations, a sign that some evidence has surfaced indicating the company knowingly violated the sanctions.

I've changed my mind: Please stay in the race, Mr. Vice President, please...

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