Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Incensed Veteran is Getting Tired of Being Called Names by Bush-Supporting "Patriots"

Thirty-five years later, after all the pontificating about “never again” has faded from memory, that same flag of false and misguided patriotism once again “proudly” waves over America. It seems that never again is here again (if it ever went away).

The true colors of the Bush "patriots" come forth. You, my fellow veterans, are being called "wimps with no backbones" if you oppose Bush. Aren't you getting a little tired of being accused of being traitors by those who could care less about veterans?

As Doug Kirk says to these name-callers: I guess it makes no difference to you that the man you support has cut and is cutting funding for the Veterans Administration which to date has forced over 250,000 veterans out of the system due to a lack of funding. At the same time, this same man is creating more veterans and more disabled veterans.

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