Friday, July 16, 2004

Oh Yeah, We Are Much Safer Now...

From Tuesday's Post: We didn't find WMDs, but with the ruthless dictator gone, we are much safer now!

But, if we have another major terrorist attack on the U.S., and we need to restore order, where will our national guard forces be? Anybody thought about that one?

Oregon's Govenor Kulongoski has thought about it, and he's worried - like anyone with brains would be.

"This idea of using the Guard both on the frontlines -- as 40 percent of these (troops in Iraq) -- and then having my Guard units rotated . . . into this theater for the second and third time isn't the way to do this," said Kulongoski, whose job description includes being commander in chief of the Oregon Guard.

If the country continues to lean more heavily on citizen soldiers, he predicted, "you're going to seriously challenge the recruitment and retention of the Guard." That, in turn, could leave states less prepared to deal with wildfires, floods and other natural disasters, Kulongoski said.

The Governor is right, and he could have made his case even more strongly, but he is one of few governors that are saying anything about the fact that we can't protect ourselves well HERE anymore because of Bush adventurism.

Additionally, most people don't think about Oregon much in terms of terrorists threats, but Portland happens to have one of the largest container receiving ports on the West Coast.

But don't worry, we are much safer now...

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