Tuesday, August 17, 2004

“First, let me make it very clear - poor people aren't necessarily killers”

Thank you, Mr. Bush, for explaining the field of sociology to us. When you make thoughtless statements like this, a lot of people, including your press secretary, just laugh it off.

The Repubs ought to consider it a “bounce” if Mr. Bush can get through his own convention without making several more thoughtless gaffes.

Here’s the real problem that more and more voters are realizing when the laughing stops: This is supposed to be the "leader of the free world."

But his never ending misstatements reflect someone who...

- Doesn’t think about what he is saying
- Doesn’t understand his audience, at home or abroad
- Doesn’t understand the issues correctly because he hasn’t thought them through, studied them, or prepared properly

And, therefore he doesn’t understand the potential and real dangers for us, or the rest of the world, while he shallowly thinks that “things are not complex, they are really very simple.”

That's why we got into Iraq. That's why the world is a more dangerous place now.

We need a president, John Kerry, who will study and tackle the complexities - and who will act appropriately, and quickly if necessary, to remove national security threats – not someone who will get us into more preemptive wars based on personal ideology, theology, and arrogance.

Thanks to Iddybud for the Guardian link.

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