Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Florida of 2004? Not!

Oregon - big deal you say, 7 electoral votes. But both candidates are spending a lot of time and money here. Because, in the end, on November 2, if the election is not clearly decided, little Oregon may become a focus of the country. Oregon, went for Gore by just 7,000 votes, but 70,000 plus votes went for Nader. Ralph will be lucky to get 5,000 this time.

Last Friday both candidates were here again. Bush spoke to a closed, pledge only crowd of 2,000 plus, Kerry to an open river-side park crowd of 50,000 plus, including a Bush backer resorting to preemptive warfare.

Our message to the Bush campaign from the Rose City: come spend as much money as you like here. Oregon is going for Kerry, and Oregon veterans are going to play a big part in the win. Oh, and Mr. Diebold, you can't fix the voting here very easily. All our votes are by mail or drop-off kiosks, with a much lower "error" rate than your machines.

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