Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Mr. Bush, A Lot of Veterans Want to Know the Answers to These Questions:

Question 1. ...time and time again you claim that the war in Iraq has made Americans safer at home. What empirical data do you have to back up this assertion?

Question 2 (two parts):

Scenario 1: ( Iraq possessed WMD)
Given that Iraq possessed WMD and yet none have been found, please explain how Americans are safer with the missing weapons possibly in the hands of rogue states or terrorist groups.

Scenario 2: ( Iraq did not possess WMD)
WMD would be the only plausible threat posed to the United States by a nation such as Iraq . Please explain how Americans are safer now that we have our military, our coffers, and our international prestige so heavily invested in Iraq , given the fact that Iraq did not possess WMD.

In summary, given the above scenarios, either Iraq possessed WMDs and we now face the danger that those weapons have fallen into the hands of possible terrorists, or they did not have WMD and we are in an unnecessary war. Please explain this paradox.

Question 3:
Why has your administration failed to act decisively to find who leaked the name of Valerie Plame to the reporter Robert Novak?

Question 4:

Given the intelligence failures of the past 4 years, the policy of pre-emptive war seems to be in need of a set of strict guidelines governing when it should and should not be entered into. If given the opportunity to serve the American people, please briefly describe what guidelines you would set to engaging in another pre-emptive war and how those guidelines would have affected the policy that was laid out during your first term with specific reference to the burden of proof against Iraq and the missing WMD and lack of terrorist connections. Should Americans expect another pre-emptive war with such flimsy and hyped evidence used as justification?

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