Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Never Forget"

Lost in the chaos of every new war are veterans of earlier ones. The theme of Memorial Day and Veterans Day - in addition to those half-off mattress sales - is Never Forget.

So writes Rick Anderson in his new book, Home Front.

" the midst of his war, George Bush has cut benefits of both veterans and front line troops."

While this administration is not the first to praise the active duty folks fighting their wars while forgetting veterans, the Bush administration is especially egregious in this regard. Anderson chronicles the facts of how Bush speaks out of both sides of his mouth to you, vets.

As George Bush's minions continue to spout venom about John Kerry's record, keep in the front of your mind the facts of Mr. Bush's record toward veterans and the troops - and HIS military record. He will promise all kinds of things Monday to the VFW, but his actions will speak much louder than his words.

I am A Vet and I approve this message.

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