Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Bush Uses Unconvicted Traitor to Save His Neck in Iraq

Robert Novak - you remember him: The nationally syndicated columnist who not only outted CIA operative Valerie Plame, but jeopardized many more lives and key intelligence sources by his treasonous actions. Oh, you remember, six months ago George Bush was going to find the real perpetrators of the Plame outrage. The O.J. Simpson response.

Now Novak, this Benedict Arnold of "journalism", who ought to be rotting in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, is doing his best to save George Bush in Iraq.

Mr. Bush's advisors know that their boss will lose the election if John Kerry gains more and more traction on the disaster in Iraq.

So, because this White House will spread any lie to stay in office, the criminally deceitful minds in the Bush administration are now attempting to spread the biggest lie of all through a known traitor to his country: Robert Novak.

Novak breathlessly reported yesterday that Bush is secretly planning to pull us out of Iraq in a 2nd term. If you can't see through this b.s., you may need mental health therapy.

This is the biggest lie and flip-flop from the King of Flip-Floppers, George Bush.

This is a Bush Administration 'trial balloon' from an unconvicted felon that CNN continues to employ. If CBS erred out of stupidity and failure to check their sources, Novak needs to be tried in federal court for betraying his country and illegally, and intentionally, attempting to influence the outcome of the election. Now he is attempting to do it again.

Why is this 'report' coming out now? Guess why. The heat on Iraq continues to rise daily for George Bush who has no real answers for the quagmire he has put us in as more of our soldiers die and more of our citizens are beheaded with no response - other than to try to deflect his failures on John Kerry.

Iraq is the issue that will defeat George Bush, and he knows it. So, why not spread some more rumors and lies to get more 'undecideds' on his wagon?

By the way Mr. Novak, if Mr. Bush really intends to pull us out of Iraq, why is he afraid to talk about it in public, NOW?

Because voters will know it's a desperate attempt to defuse the biggest obstacle to his re-election.

Because it is a lie, pure and simple. From Novak. From the president.

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