Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If You Want to Know What a Second Bush Term Would be Like...

....go to one of his (or Laura’s) political rallies. You’ll have to sign a pledge of support for him before they will let you in. And then if you speak up or criticize him at all, be prepared to go to jail and have the Secret Service harassing you from then on.

That’s what happened to an Oregon woman and a New Jersey mother whose son was killed recently in Iraq. Oh, yeah, W is for women alright.

And that’s a preview of the 2nd term and the Patriot Act in action. Will speaking out get you in landed in jail? Will bloggers’ computers be confiscated? Will you have to sign a loyalty oath to George Bush?

Ridiculous you say, but don’t be surprised if that’s what happens, especially if terrorist attacks, or the threat of same, are stepped up in this country. The scary part of that will be that people will want to sign such a pledge. It makes perfect sense based on how half this country has been cowed by the politics of fear.

I dare one questioner, during the debates, to ask Mr. Bush why he requires loyalty oaths to be signed at his campaign events. That speaks of fear alright. His handlers are very worried how Bush might respond if he’s asked a real question, with no one to help him prepare for it.

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