Monday, September 20, 2004

Pre-emptive Warfare - the Next Step

For over a year, the consequences of committing so much of our military to Iraq - our active duty forces, as well as reserves and guard personnel - have been addressed on this blog. Among them:

* Significantly reduced capability to respond to real threats elsewhere
* Significantly reduced ability to respond to disasters such as the genocide taking place in Sudan
* Inability to give other than lip service to WMD threats in North Korea
* Inability to respond as well to disasters at home such as hurricanes or terrorist actions

Now, the Bush Doctrine is marching toward an apparently inevitable conflict with Iran. (Don't worry Righties, the administration won't mention this out loud until after Nov 2nd.)

As I've asked veterans and the rest of you a half dozen times before: Where will the troops come from to, once again, attempt to "bring democracy to the Middle East?" The Draft - pure and simple. Do the math. More about that this week...

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