Thursday, September 16, 2004

Republican Senators Snarl at the White House:
'We Are in Deep Trouble' in Iraq

From Republicans in the U.S. Senate and the CIA, this morning Mr. Bush: Iraq is a failure with no prospects of winning anytime in the future - and in fact, the country is just as likely headed toward civil war as other possible scenarios, all of them bad.

Senate Republicans Richard Lugar and Chuck Hagel ripped the White House for having a fairy tale attitude toward the outcome in Iraq.

Mr. Hagel said the State Department request (for reprogramming money for the Iraq war) was "a clear acknowledgment that we are not holding ourselves hostage to some grand illusion that we're winning."

Mr. Hagel went on to say ... 'But it does add up to this, an acknowledgment that we are in deep trouble.'

Mr. Bush: Even your own supporters are turning on you, because your War in Iraq is a FAILURE. No, not the troops, who are doing their best to carry out your dangerous and incompetent directions.

But YOU Mr. Bush are responsible. While your arrogant media stooges say you are so strong on terror compared to Mr. Kerry, your irresponsible, blustering, and terribly misguided foreign policy is now acknowledged by your party as a failure.

You are the one who presided over this, Mr. Bush, not Mr. Kerry.

You are the one who cost us over 1,000 of our sons and daughters, Mr. Bush, not Mr. Kerry.

You are the one bankrupting this country, Mr. Bush, not Mr. Kerry.

As your close buddy on FOX, O'Reilly, would ask, "What say you?"

What say you, Mr. President?

This is your disaster. You have no adequate answers, and neither do your mindless, blind followers.

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