Thursday, September 23, 2004

Sagging Bush Campaign Propped Up By Iraqi Leader

Prime Minister Allawi of Iraq spoke to Congress this morning, bravely and determined to pull his country out of chaos. No one faults him for that, and few would not support him in his efforts now.

But George Bush used him shamelessly to do a campaign speech for him.

Yesterday it was Robert Novak. Today Allawi. Tony Blair can't be far behind. Who's next in this all out effort to convince us of George Bush's leadership in Iraq? It won't work.

John Kerry will work hard to correct the disaster caused by George Bush's monumental errors in judgment and planning. He will help Allawi to the best of his ability to do it right.

Now the idiotic response from the right: 'Don't change horses in midstream'. Well, this horse of an administration is drowning under the weight of its mistakes, incompetent leadership, and a total lack of common sense.

The Supreme Irony: Allawi outlined reasonable, if highly idealistic, plans for his people's education, job creation, security, and free elections: none of which are apparent in Bush's plans for his own country.

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