Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Time to Really Go On the Offense

Late last week I pointed out that it was time for the Democrats to stop self-inflicting wounds in their own campaign. What is even more astounding, a week later: virtually every Dem commentator, talk show host, and "expert" continues to feed the Repubs juicy quotes, and worse, are helping Bush supporters believe they have Kerry on the run. They all hammer home the idea that "it's time for Kerry to respond to these allegations, and to do so much more quickly and forcefully from now on."

The are wrong - all of them!

Arrogant assertion - you say? Read on.

Now, pointing out that many of the Democratic faithfuls were becoming frustrated and angry with the course of the campaign, and that the campaign needed to make significant improvements, was very much needed.

But the character, content, and continuous repetition of these self-destructing responses, across the board, are off-base, and will not help win the election.

If you are a football fan, you know that a good defense and a mediocre offense can win championships.

It doesn't work in politics.

Not one - not one - of our self-proclaimed "helpful" experts in the party or the media has stated the obvious.

It's past time to go on offense and stop only playing defense.

How? Not just by responding faster to the lies and the swift-boating character assassinations.

It's time to really put George Bush on the defensive, and not wait for his minions to put out the next bunch of phony b.s.

You want a simple example of this principle from an unlikely source? This morning, the White House is on the defensive, spending much of its time putting out talking points and responding wildly to, of all people - Kitty Kelley - and her new book, out today, very critical about George Bush and his family. Now, I'm not suggesting that Kelley is the most responsible journalist we've ever seen, but the White House response is instructive.

Military veterans will understand this:

It's time to go on offense - and stop spending all the time on defense. Do you get it Democratic Party? Do you get it Air America? Do you get it Democrats in Congress? Do you get it Democrats, Progressives etc. etc.?

This blog gets it and will be on the offensive for the next 48 days.

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