Tuesday, September 14, 2004

W in '04?

Have you noticed how few people want to have a bumper sticker that spells out the names BUSH and CHENEY? In Portland, OR, his followers are apparently afraid to utter Bush's name - the stickers are almost universally "W in '04." I guess they decided against "W & C in '04". In most other countries in the world, WC stands for "water closet" or what we would call a porta-potty or restroom. It would be more descriptive.

But is another possibility more troubling? Maybe they are afraid to utter Bush's name because, like those folks in the Old Testament (and many of my Jewish friends today), it was blasphemous for them to utter the name of God. When you finish laughing, take a look at a lot of those bumper stickers, especially in the Mid-West, that show a big check mark and the words, "Vote With Jesus, W in '04."

Or, better yet, get the T-Shirt:

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