Thursday, October 28, 2004

Big Ed in Portland...

As I turned on local Progressive radio, KPOJ 620, in my car yesterday afternoon, in Portland, OR, to my surprise I heard Big Ed Schultz say that he was broadcasting from Powell's bookstore downtown.

On impulse, I thought, I can't pass this up. I arrived at the biggest single bookstore in the US to find the top floor jammed with several hundred people standing, sitting, listening, laughing, and having a generally raucous fun time as Ed did his thing. What a rush to be with a bunch of like minded people who truly believe John Kerry can win, no matter how many ballots they 'lose' in Florida.

An extra bonus: our Senator Ron Wyden showed up to rip George Bush up, down, and sideways.

Those of you listening to the show also heard a young man who had just lost his brother in Iraq - the laughter turned to a standing ovation and then to tears by many. I thought to myself, yes every vote counts, but come on Florida, come on Ohio, come on Pennsylvania, come on Iowa, come on Minnesota, come on Wisconsin, come on Nevada, come on Arizona, come on New Mexico, come on Colorado, and come on Oregon. Don't stay home, let's win this thing!

Now, that's what I call a productive afternoon!

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