Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Big House of Horrors...

If you love horror stories, Slate has a good one for you by Richard L. Hasen. In it, he describes five ways the presidential election could end up in the Supreme Court. Briefly summarized, they are:
- Voting glitches involving electronic or other voting machines
- Litigation over which provisional ballots are valid
- A fight over the Colorado amendment to split the electoral vote
- A tie in the electoral college or a faithless elector
- A terrorist attack that disrupts voting in a swing state

For the first time since the Repub convention, the electoral counts in some swing states are slowly shifting slightly to Kerry. The bounce from the debates has not stopped despite the insistence of the Bush campaign that it has, and voting has started in many places. The 'undecideds' are making up their minds.

Here is the bottom line: When George Bush loses the election again Nov 2nd, the Bush family et al will do everything they can, illegal and otherwise, to prevent John Kerry from taking office in January. As stated before on this blog, the Democratic Party, and you, need to be especially vigilant from here on out. The election will not be over on Nov 2nd, barring a miracle. Mr. Bush's only recourse will be to get the election back into the Supreme Court. He doesn't care about your civil liberties, just his, and he will use the Halloween disguise of 'justice' in the courts to stay in office, no matter how it tears this country apart.

Huge exaggeration, you say? Just step back and look at our country now. If you can't see that we have not been so divided, ironically, since Vietnam, then have your blinders surgically removed before Nov 2nd.

Since George Bush loves to use 9/11 in every sentence, you should have no doubts that he took a 90% supporting majority from that attack on our existence and converted it into an Andreas Fault division through the heart of this country in four years. That's exactly the pattern you should expect beginning the night of Nov 2nd when, once again, George Bush loses.

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