Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Looming Fight Ahead

Whenever George Bush is asked some version of the question, “What will happen if you don’t win the election,” he gives this sort of answer: ‘It’s not gonna happen. I don’t intend on losing.’

Take that to heart folks. He doesn’t intend to lose, even if the results show that John Kerry has won. In his mind, George Bush will not concede defeat on Nov 2nd or anytime thereafter. Why should he? He didn't have to last time.

The Bush supporting campaign team of outrageous liars and deceivers will do whatever it takes, including any immoral, unethical, or illegal action to take enough of the contested states to ‘win’ the election again. This time it won’t be just Florida. There’s a good bet that Ohio, Pennsylvania and several other states will be held up way past election day. Don’t forget, GWB can always count on the Supreme Court.

You are seeing signs of this already in overseas balloting obstruction, the attempt of the Ohio Secretary of State to invalidate new registration voters because their applications were on the ‘wrong stock of paper’, the Diebold electronic no-paper-trail voting machines, and on and on.

James Baker, who has been hiding out of the limelight since he led the Bush lawyers to ‘victory’ at the Supreme Court in 2000, is in place and has set up legal teams in all contested states.

You can make a difference, wherever you are, to stop criminal actions by Bush supporters. Don't let it happen in your state and then be sorry later. There are lots of ways to support the Kerry/Edwards team and to make a lot of noise when you see something wrong with the Bush campaign in your state.

It's a crying shame that this real threat to national security should even have to be discussed, and planned for - but that's the reality.

Mr. Kerry’s lawyers – and savvy – must be a lot better than Mr. Bush’s this time around, because George Bush will do whatever it takes, and that means anything, to stay in office – even if he loses again.

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