Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Me-First Frist Generation...

Oh yeah, this administration is looking out for you, after they take care of themselves first, that is. OK, so maybe you won’t be too tough on Speaker of the House Repub Bill Frist who got HIS flu shot before you (and, believe it or not, before most everyone in the military). Maybe Mr. Frist qualified for the under-2-year-old category, in terms of brains. OK, so it’s a good idea for Congress, and the #3 man in line for the presidency, to stay healthy. But, their ENTIRE STAFFS got the shots too – a couple of thousand plus people. We don’t want the staffers getting their members of Congress sick do we?

So logically, all big money supporters of Mr. Frist come next, don’t they? After all, they might infect the staffers on their frequent visits to Washington D.C., who might in turn infect these same members of Congress.

And probably all the PACs run by the big money supporters should come next, shouldn’t they?

And then, let’s see, the Republican party members should probably come after that. Mr. Frist surely doesn’t want any of them to stay home with the flu on Nov 2nd.

And after that – oh wait, the vaccine is all gone...

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