Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Red-Neck Nation...

Red-Necks in Oregon? You'd better believe it. The common theme they talk about: "We want someone like us, who doesn't speak too good, who is 'just real' - that's Dubya."

Scary, isn't it, that so many people fall for that good-ole-boy routine? But if you don't agree with them, they take matters into their own hands. In my neighborhood, the Kerry signs keep being removed at night - cowards that these people are, who talk tough, but act like juveniles.

But then again, that's the example of their leader who talks tough but is afraid to let one dissenter into his midst during campaign stops. That's cowardice, not toughness. John Kerry drew over 30,000 in downtown Philadelphia yesterday without one worry about who showed up.

No matter - every time these fools steal my signs, I come back with more of them, and now larger ones where they can't miss them (the latest being 3 feet by 7 feet!). That's a benefit of having a local Kerry office close by with lots of signs to hand out.

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