Friday, October 08, 2004

'This is Hard Work' (Part IV) - Preparing for the Debate

Overheard by our reporter outside the Oval Office this morning:

W: OK, tonight's debate better work out a lot better than the first one, or you are all fired.
KRove: But Mr. President you don't fire anybody...
W: Oh, that's right. But I need a better script, something I can quickly look at, so I don't get stuck looking off into space a dozen times again.

KR: Maybe if you spent a little more time in preparation, you will feel more comfortable
W: But, I just get so angry at that &*%$#% liberal, I can't think straight.
KR: Look you can't have a cheat sheet that's too visible. This is a town-hall set up tonight with no podiums - you'll be walking around. What we are going to do is put a 'playbook' on your wrist, like pro football quarterbacks use.

W: But that will be hard to see if it's too complicated, and it needs to be in big print so I can see it without being too obvious. And there won't be room for a lot of words...
KR: Don't worry, we've made it easy - just pick words from the following list and make up your own sentences. That's what you've been doing on the campaign trail up to now, and it's been working. Here's the list:

Saddam Hussein
Weapons of Mass Destruction
More Attacks Coming if I'm Not Elected
Safer Now
Democracy and Freedom

W: But what about the economy, health care, jobs, the environment and other issues that that *&&(%* liberal is going to spring on me???
KR: Just ignore it all and use the same list in your answers...and Mr. President, don't forget to roll up your sleeves on your blue shirt, so that you can see the list and so that it looks like you work hard at your job...

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