Tuesday, October 05, 2004

'This is Hard Work!'(Part II)

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. ~Mark Twain
It's hard work when you can't admit you ever made a mistake.

It's hard work to trash our allies, and then speak down to them while expecting to get their support.

It's hard work to take a $5 billion surplus and in four years make it a $5 billion deficit.

It's hard work to get loyalty pledges everywhere you speak.

It's hard work to turn a failing Texas no-child-left-behind act and turn it into a failing national program.

It's hard work to understand that we were attacked by Bin Laden and then attack Hussein.

It's hard work to figure out what to say in a debate if you can't admit the truth.

UPDATES: p.s. If you want to have some fun, get a hold of the CSPAN broadcast of the debate and play the split screen fast forward - then watch the expressions on their faces and what they are doing while the other was speaking. Kerry constantly took notes and was able to come back and effectively refute what Bush said. Bush did not take notes, but relied on his smirk of arrogance and his dozen or so canned answers to carry the day.

p.p.s. Bush is taking the day off to prepare a 'major speech' for tomorrow on national security and the economy. Is it October surprise time? At the very least, you can be sure there will be a significant homeland security announcement or war-on-terror alert announced (Is Mt. St Helens being aggravated by terrorist activities?).

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