Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Veterans: Why Most of You Are a Lot Smarter Than the Not-So-Swift-Boaters...

(Note: this post held over another day. Ask your Vietnam Vet friends to come by, especially if they are still undecided, and speak their mind - even if they don't agree with what is below.)

John O'Neill, the ruthless, vindictive, and hate-filled collaborator with the fascist Sinclair media group, and the leader of the not-very-swift-boaters, gags on his own logic in his latest attempt at mind control. Fortunately, the only people who will believe Friday night's slanderous joke of a 'documentary' are those who also still believe there are WMDs in Iraq and in a clear connection between Saddam and 9/11. Incredibly, that still amounts to 63% of Republicans, even after Mr. Bush had previously admitted he could make no such connections.

Veterans, let's think this through.

O'Neill and his group of previously exposed liars and deceivers are not giving up and they are hoping you won't connect the dots.

The dots are these:

They couldn't make the 'medals' issue stick. Now they are basically calling John Kerry a coward and traitor to his country because of his actions after returning from Vietnam as a decorated hero (sticks in your throats, doesn't it swiftees?).

The wisdom of right action sometimes takes years to shine through. John Kerry came back from combat along with hundreds of thousands, including the not-so-swifters - all of whom served their country. But they all came back to a country used to winning wars and to a country that wrongly blamed and rejected the returning GIs for the failures in Vietnam.

So when the experienced war veteran John Kerry protested against the war in Washington and in Congress - a war that killed almost 60,000 of our sons and daughters - he was part of a sweeping realization that the Vietnam war was terribly wrong and fought for the wrong reasons - with a horrible cost.

This country wound up agreeing with people like John Kerry - do you understand that not-so-swifters? No you don't. You are as much as admitting that you failed your country by never saying or doing anything, once you left the military, against a war that you had to know was wrong.

No, it's not John Kerry who should be branded 'unfit for command.' It's you Mr. O'Neill and your band of misdirected slanderous 'patriots' who are attempting to take command of this election with veterans, active duty military, and those who went through the time of Vietnam.

It won't work, for veterans and others that have their heads screwed on right.

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