Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Guide for Redeploying Veterans

Help your returning vets and give them an added Thanksgiving present. Let them know about this:

Availability of readjustment benefits for returning Iraq War veterans is still a problem, said a national veterans' organization today. Veterans for Common Sense, a non-partisan veterans' organization focused on national security, veterans' care, civil liberties and energy policy, released its Resource Guide for Veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom on Veterans' Day. The guide is intended to provide a comprehensive directory of services and programs available to returning veterans.
The on-line guide introduction says this:
Dear Veteran:

Welcome home. As veterans of every U.S. conflict since 1941, Veterans for Common Sense understands the sometimes difficult transition when coming home from a military conflict. You can take pride in your service to your country, and know that those who have served before you welcome you home with open arms.

We also know that sometimes, coming home isn’t as easy as it would seem. For many, especially those who were in combat, you’ll find that the images of violence and conflict will stay with you forever. For others, coming home may mean a job lost while deployed, or financial difficulties as a result of a drop in pay while deployed in a war zone.

America is grateful for your commitment and sacrifice, and many resources are available to assist you in your transition, from both the private and public sectors. This guide is designed to present an overview of those resources, and to help you find whatever assistance you or you family need.

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