Friday, November 05, 2004

‘I Haven’t Thought About It...’

Paraphrased from yesterday’s news conference:

Mr. President, will troop strengths need to be increased to protect the upcoming January elections in Iraq?

W: I haven’t thought about field commanders haven’t told me they need more troops.

Mr. President, will you be changing any members of your cabinet for your second term?

W: I haven’t thought about it, but I’m going to Camp David this week and I’ll start thinking about it.

He hasn’t ‘thought about it.’ That’s his record and modus operandi, and that’s how he will proceed in the next four years. That’s how he mangled post-war Iraq, the economy, schools, health care, jobs, our military and our veterans.

W hasn’t thought about the consequences of his actions yet. So, why would you expect anything different in a second term?

Oh, and did you notice? He was much smoother than usual in his answers, but when one unexpected question came in that wasn’t on his pre-news conference cheat sheet, about how he would react to the death of Arafat, W came to an almost dead standstill. The answer wasn’t on his cheat sheet, although he kept looking for it, and the black box under his coat must have short-circuited. He clearly hadn’t thought about that possibility either.

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