Monday, November 15, 2004

Like Rats Jumping Off a Sinking Ship...

W: What's all this paper on my desk this morning Karl? You know I'm not gonna read it.
KR: Maybe you should Mr. President. It's about your cabinet...
W: You mean somebody else resigned?
KR: Not someone, four more someones. Colin Powell plus your secretaries of agriculture, education, and energy.
W: But what am I gonna do? I can't put Condi into all of them? And Cheney was sick again over the weekend? What do I do if he leaves, and the rest of the cabinet too?
KR: I've already prepared the news release that will fix everything for you, Mr. President, if you don't mind reading this, at least.
W: OK, let's see what it says.

WASHINGTON DC: a key advisor to Mr. Bush today said that replacements will not be named for any of the resigning cabinet members. The advisor said that Mr. Bush does not need the advice of anyone else to do the hard work of governing, and will now be referred to as His Royal Highness. A news conference will not be forthcoming.
W: Perfect, Karl. I knew you would come up with the solution.

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