Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Re-Arranging the Deck Chairs

Condi Rice, the next Secretary of State. Based on what? Her sterling job as National Security Advisor? Her masterful leadership of overseeing Iraq? (Remember that one?). Somebody, please explain what qualifies her for any of these positions. Ever notice when the camera captures her listening to George Bush speaking? A rapt expression of wonder comes over her face – under the spell of the cult leader.

Secretary of State. What qualifies her to deal with Israel/Palestine, with Iran, with North Korea, with China, with Sudan, with Iraq? Her only qualification: loyalty. And so George Bush took all of 8 hours to make the decision to replace Powell with Rice. If Cheney leaves the vice presidency for health reasons, Rice will be the next vice president. Anybody remember the book The Peter Principle?

But perhaps as scary – CIA senior managers, left and right, are deserting or being fired from Bush Titanic II because his appointee of three months ago, Porter Goss, doesn’t know what he is doing. The primary Goss management strategy so far is to get rid of anyone who might have disagreed with George Bush regarding Iraq. I looked again through the 9/11 report recommendations – funny, I don’t see anything about forcing our intelligence community to sign up for groupthink. Does Goss-Bush think that there will be any measure of objectivity in future intelligence reporting now? We should be a lot safer because of you Mr. Goss-Bush – yeah, right.

59 million people (or whatever was the real number) are still stupid. And they must really love their leader. Commercials are already flooding the airwaves in California to change the Constitution so Arnold can muscle his way into the White House in 2008. Coming to a theater near you soon.

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