Thursday, November 04, 2004

Some Questions...

In Ohio, some of you were in line for up to 9 hours to vote. Over 150,000 of you had to use provisional ballots, still uncounted. A year ago the maker of Diebold voting machines, in Ohio, told you he was going to make sure George Bush won the election. If I was an Ohio resident, I would be more than angry today. How is it that the exit polls differed so much from the 'results?' I would be demanding to know why Diebold wasn't taken to federal court THEN, if not now, for attempting to interfere with federal election laws. Not one single Diebold machine should have been allowed to be used in Ohio, or anywhere else, once that statement was made. So, Ohio, what are going to do? And what are you going to do to stop it again in your state? Unfair, you say - why point the finger at one state? Because, I'm not particularly optimistic Ohio will do anything to change what happened.

Why? Because four years ago, similarly illegal and criminal activities delivered Florida, and Florida then - as Ohio now - delivered the election - and Florida allowed four years to go by without fixing their problems.

But let's just not pick on one or two states. There's the much larger question that comes out of those exit polls everywhere: MORAL VALUES were the number one reason that people voted for George Bush.

I can't even comprehend the enormity of that disconnect in our country right now. This is brain-washing on a massive scale unseen since pre-WWII Germany. This is group-think on a nation-wide basis, pictured clearly by George Orwell more than half a century ago.

Democrats have allowed the entire interior of our country to be infected. Starting today, we need to figure out how to fix the disease with a vaccine that will be readily available and desired. Moral values have to have something to do with morality.

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