Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Did Anybody Notice?

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Tenet, Franks & Bremer, giving themselves a big hand:

Question: Where was Condi?

Republican Morality = Screw up royally (or follow your leader blindly) and you get the Medal of Freedom. Accomplish nothing and you are appointed Secretary of State.

And, will somebody please state one significant accomplishment Condi has achieved in four years to earn her new Cabinet post - starting with her oversight of Iraq? Just one - that's all I'm asking. At least give her the Medal of Freedom also. It could be argued that she screwed up the least of the four of them.

p.s.: some may say it's unfair to include Gen Franks in this discussion, because the military operations at the beginning of the war went so well. True, and Gen Franks received appropriate military awards and decorations for his leadership at his retirement. All Franks has done since then is to toe W's party line with nary a word of criticism for the post-war quagmire.

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