Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Morals 101, Republican Style

It's hard to know where to start on this topic today - there is so much out there this week:
1. Rumsfeld's moral failure to support the troops.
2. McCain's personal quest to stay in the news by not supporting Rumsfeld, but refusing to call for his dismissal
3. Rewards for failure in Iraq, like this:

But let's get off the front page of Washington DC with it's continuous Republican examples of morality, and go to the state of Washington, where as yet to be identified vote counters attempted to steal the governor's race twice. Now in the final(?) recount, 561 votes in a heavily democratic area will be counted for the first time and could make the difference. The recount of all state ballots was prompted by Metropolitan King County Councilman Larry Phillips' discovery that HIS absentee ballot wasn't counted.

My view is that anyone, anywhere, found to have tampered with, or illegally counted votes, be put in jail with a stiff sentence to reduce the chances they will do it next time, starting with owners of tampered with voting machines. If you look closely, these incidents were carried out almost always by Republican 'moral' operatives.

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