Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The AMA Sheds Light on Why Bush Won

From The American Medical Association News 12/20/04, "Pursuing the Placebo Effect:"
"Most recently, a study presented at last month's American Heart Assn. annual scientific sessions in New Orleans found that heart failure patients participating in a clinical trial who took all of their pills, whether in the placebo or active arm, had lower rates of death and hospitalization than those who weren't as conscientious. The rates for those taking placebo were not as good as those taking the active drug, but were still extremely close.

" 'There is still an advantage to being on active therapy,' said Brandi Granger, RN, PhD, lead author of the study and director of nursing research in the Duke University Heart Center in Durham, N.C. ' But the fact that you can do almost as well on a sugar pill is a reason for us to figure out why.'

What has this got to do with the Bush victory, you ask?

Simple. The Bush Sugar Pill Placebo works the same way: people will continue to believe something that everyone else knows is an utter lie. Even science can't explain it.

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