Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Apparently the President Doesn't Have a Yellow Magnetic Ribbon on His Limo fact, supporting the troops doesn't really come to his mind until he is asked about it.

At least an hour before this morning's press conference, radio and TV media were reporting that at least 17 GIs (turned out to be 31) had been killed in a copter crash in Iraq. As I tried to find out more, each and every source then said that W was calling a news conference and that he'd be addressing the issue.

Then the press conference: In the coverage I heard, unless he said something before the microphones were engaged, there was not a word from him about the heavy loss of life - nada - during his 10 minute statement. Nothing. Mostly just his high praise for Incompetent Condi.

The press got sucked in also. It took about a dozen questions before a reporter finally asked about the loss of life and asked about the cause.

And W showed that he knew about the heaviest single loss of life in the war by saying he didn't yet know the cause.

He knew about the crash alright, and the heavy casualties - AND HE SAID NOTHING MORE AND WOULD HAVE SAID NOTHING AT ALL IF HE HAD NOT BEEN ASKED.

Oh yeah. Support the Troops. In my opinion, if you are a veteran, and are not incensed, something is wrong with you.

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