Monday, January 31, 2005

More and More Iraqi War Veterans Are Saying No

...and yes, they support the troops strongly, but not the pre-emptive war policy of the Bush Administration.

A quote from the wife of an Iraqi war veteran:

"It is a sad day when a country decides there is greater honor in a soldier knowing 'how to die by the rules' when the only important thing should be learning how to live like a human being." So goes a quote from The Bridge on the River Kwai. Amazing how something from an old movie about war remains applicable when a country is at war...America, what is it we are dying for?"

And so we have the updated version of W on the warship declaring hostilities are over. This version is now stated as the Iraqi people have voted, and we have once more won the victory.

The Iraqi people have indeed voted, at least the Shiites have. But as W's mouthpiece Condi somehow can't believe her good luck, this administration will never answer the question:

Do the ends justify the means, no matter what the means are? The answer to this question lays at the soul of our nation...and on the lives of our kids.

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