Friday, January 07, 2005

Rumsfeld Continues to Write the Book On Military Mismanagement

The irony of events: as Alberto Gonzales goes through Senate hearings which will outrageously confirm him for Attorney General, GIs continue to be court martialled for the abusive environment caused by Gonzales and Rumsfeld policies, or lack thereof.

And then there is Rumsfeld, who like W, is sending yet someone else to figure out what to do in Iraq. After three decades trying his best to screw up the military with his ideas, one more thing Rummy still hasn't learned is the military culture. By bringing in another retired military officer to try to solve Iraq, Rummy is essentially thumbing his nose at the extensive expertise and experience of his active duty senior leaders - or is it because he doesn't want to listen to them?

How many more times does Rumsfeld have to screw up?

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