Tuesday, February 15, 2005

But He's Such a Nice Guy...

Alberto Gonzales is described by many Senators who confirmed him as such a 'nice guy', and those memos rejecting the Geneva Conventions, well... he really doesn't believe in torture, does he?...well, he did say he doesn't approve of activities that lead to organ failure or death. Such a nice guy. And when asked repeatedly at his hearings whether or not he approves of torture, especially as our new attorney general, he paused and had to ask for the questions to be clarified. Oh, he's such a nice guy. And what a sense of humor, as he and W exchanged chortles at the coming executions of death row inmates back in Texas. What a nice guy! And he was sworn in yesterday, after all the Repubs and 6 Democrats confirmed him, and who just couldn't get over what a nice guy he is!

And two days before, why this nice guy Attorney-General-To-Be quietly recused himself from the Valerie Plame investigation. Why? Because this nice guy had for years advised W as his legal counsel on how to get around the legal 'prohibitions' of prisoner torture. Why? Because this nice guy sat at W's side as the White House tried to figure out how to get around Ms. Plame's troublesome husband who exposed the administration's lies of WMD materials supposedly going to Iraq from Africa. And the results: Plame was outted as a CIA agent and her connections exposed to danger and death.

Oh what a nice guy - getting himself out of harm's way of the Plame investigation so he can do his job of fighting terrorism.

You wish this nice guy luck, don't you?

(Hear Mike Malloy expound more on Alberto Gonzales on Air America)

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