Friday, February 25, 2005

Fairytale Land

Call it "What's the Matter With Kansas - The Cartoon Version." The slime campaign has begun against AARP, which opposes Social Security privatization. There's no hard evidence that the people involved - some of them also responsible for the "Swift Boat" election smear - are taking orders from the White House. So you're free to believe that this is an independent venture. You're also free to believe in the tooth fairy.


That from Paul Krugman. The same promoters of the Not-So-Swift Boat Veterans now take their sleazy aim at the AARP. And all the right-wing media have the same script: the AARP is a radical left organization bent on ruining civilization as we know it.

That's a joke because a majority of seniors supported Bush in this election. So the nutcakes are about to shoot themselves in the foot - and we should let them do so with vigor. Their first ad is so absurd that it will be ignored, along with the brainless wonders that thought it up.

And veterans, if you supported the swiftless ones before, you' d better take another look at what these slanderers are all about.

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