Thursday, March 03, 2005

Support the Troops....Oh, Yeah, Part 172

A bank is trying to foreclose on Sgt. Steve Welter's house in Osawatomie (KS), which is illegal. It is a violation of a 64-year-old federal law to foreclose on a soldier's property while he or she is at war.

Welter has been fighting in Iraq since September. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is threatening to foreclose on the house where his wife and three children live.

"And he's fighting in a war. And yet an American company is trying to take our home," said Keira Welter, Steve's wife.

The Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act reads in part: "No sale, foreclosure or seizure of property ... shall be valid if made during the period of military service."

By the way, it's the Democrats who are trying to keep the troops from losing their shirts while away at war. W's new anti-bancruptcy law, which is close to passage, makes no provisions to support the troops who are losing their businesses and their livelihoods in support of the Pre-emptive Posse. Dems are trying to get the 'support-your-troop' Repubs to listen, with no response so far...

(Thanks to Veterans for Common Sense for the the link)

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