Monday, April 18, 2005

Priorities of the Right - the New Math Revisted

Let's see: Closing in on $200 billion for Iraq. And now we know that the TSA has also wasted tens of billions of dollars and the airports are no safer at all since 9/11, as reported by a Repub senator (no surprise to the rest of us).

But last week the right refused to adequately fund returning troops VA medical bills for a little over $1 billion. Support the Troops rides again.

So a lot of vets from this war will be out on the street as in previous wars, because they will have lost their jobs, and many will try bancruptcy to survive - only now they won't be able to do that either - courtesy of all the Repubs and more than 70 Dems.

What does it take to disgust you, vets?

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