Friday, April 29, 2005

“When The American People Realize They Have A Problem….”

(Joe turns to Jack as they watch the President’s news conference on TV at the Cheers bar in Boston)

Joe: Hey Jack, you must be pretty stupid. You don’t realize we have a problem. The President just said so.

Jack: What are you talking about? I know we got a problem.
Joe: Oh yeah, what is it?

Jack: Um, must be something to do with…with…
Joe: See, you don’t know.

Jack: Wait a minute. If you’re so smart, what’s our problem?
Joe: See, you just proved my point. I don’t know either.

Jack: Wait a minute, how do we know that we don’t know we have a problem?
Joe: Because the President just said so. That President is one smart dude. He’s got us figured out.

Jack: I’ve had enough of this. Hey bartender, turn the TV to the Red Sox game. I’m getting tired of being called stupid. Good thing my Social Security check came in today. How about another beer?

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